DRIM – Glocal Cooperation and Future Challanges

The project DRIM started on January 2017 with the objective of creating an information platform, the Danube Compass, to improve the communication flow between migrants and public authorities. After one year, the beta version of Danube Compass is already online and being tested by the partners to improve its usability and quality. Simultaneously, the DRIM  Consortium keeps organizing and participating in events looking for synergies with different partners and stakeholders. In this frame, Gain&Sustain, jointly with DRIM Partners ZRC SAZUand Caritas Academy, organized a capitalization event on October 5th  in which different stakeholders of Graz and Styria were invited. At the meeting, representatives of the City of Graz, Interreg project YOUMIG, the Integration Department and the International Affairs Office of the Regional Government, the Diocese Graz-Seckau as well as guests from Japan’s University of Osaka exchanged their views on integration issues in Slovenia, Austria and wider Danube region. The DRIM project members discussed the possibilities of collaboration and reconfirmed the existence of many synergies between the DRIM project, the city of Graz and the regional government.

In the afternoon, the partners debated development opportunities related with the Danube Compass information tool in connection to new technologies that are already shaping the work processes of so called smart cities. The Institute for Change and Motivation (IMV) and the University of Technology of Graz introduced the idea of „DCbot“, an innovative chatbot technology adapted to Danube Compass to boost its potential. The app would use the information compiled for the Danube Compass in order to offer it to the users –both citizens and public institutions– in a more interactive and tailored way.


We believe this project offers great opportunities and will be able to have a positive impact in the welcoming society, migrants and public administration sector. The effective flow of information means a better understanding among the actors that play a role in the economic integration of migrants.

For more information about the project DRIM: www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/drim