1 vision – to do every day a good task and have a reminder for that.

1 app – with the app miracool it is possible to make this vision become reality. You get every day a message that reminds you to do something good. You also get suggestions and can share what you did on your social networks.

Miracool is a bridge of understanding; of acquaintance with human sustainability and connection with a widely peaceful world. It is an attempt to build a path to civic education; a channel to turn the oldest dreams of humanity come true: miracool is enabling, projecting, believing and turning concepts such as civic education a real possibility for everyone – of every age group. The world is built upon connections: of atoms, of molecules, of people. This is our connection for peace.

The project has partners in many countries in the world. We are very happy to be in that strong community.

For more information please visit our project website: www.miracool.life