„PEACE“ is a acronym and stands for „People E-nabeling Actions for Civic Education“. This refers to people who are active in their countries and help with their engagement to strengthen the civic society, directly and via e-tools.  This project „PEACE“ will enable 20 youth workers from10 programme countries who are working in that field to share experiences and work together. The 11 days training course will take place in Seckau/Styria between the 1st and 11th of august.
The main topics and activities during the training course refer to methods on how to take action. What does a person need to get active and which experiences are made by the youth workers attending the training course. The methods used are non-formal combined with outdoor activities such as f.e. field studies. The main purpose of „PEACE“ is to have a strong multiplying effect of best practise methods for the youth work when it comes to civic education  and to promote Human Rights for an inclusive, peaceful society.
The principal objective of the project is to discover the key messages of each individual, compare them with those of other historic personalities and filter the common grounds to build messages that can benefit modern society in a multinational and cross-cultural environment. Once these binding elements have been identified, the project partners will look into different options regarding peace education in civic society and prioritise them accordingly. Building on the expertise of the participating youth workers, we will also establish a guide-book with best practise examples for non-formal civic education for peace with the aim of fostering a mutual understanding of a European society that thinks globally and acts locally.