Path 2 Peace


“Path 2 Peace” is an international training course, that will be hold in early August. The training course will last 13 days and it will be taking place in different locations in Styria, Austria.


The training course will combine outdoor activities such as pilgrimage and hiking with other non-formal activities focused on internal peace and a high self-esteem as a way of being in harmony with our surrounding. Physical and outdoor activities are a wonderful way to be in contact with other people and enjoy the time with ourselves. These environments provoke in us a feeling of peace and happiness and help us to improve the capability of analyzing different situations.

This is the main point of this training course. The beautiful landscape of Austria is a perfect surrounding of the topics harmony, solidarity, conflict resolution and peace.


We expect having a wonderful time while we discover Styria together. During this time we work on very interesting and important issues like peace keeping and conflict resolution. Our idea is that either in the activities themselves or during the walking time, we will have time to record short tutorial videos to share them in open space workshops. Furthermore our analysis, thoughts and proposals about peace and conflict resolutions should have an impact also over the group who takes part here in Styria. The main idea is that we can share these tutorial videos with other organizations and develop methods, dynamics and activities that could be helpful in these kinds of situations.

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